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Dear UvA student or UvA staff member,

Before you can use the hardware that the GIS Studio provides, first ask permission for using this hardware, by sending an e-mail to: Thijs de Boer, e-mail address: w.m.deboer at uva dot nl. If he agrees, you will become a reply with a date proposal to come and pick up the hardware and to agree on the date of delivery and return.


1: Yuma2 rugged fieldwork tablets

Mobile GIS is the expansion of a geographic information system (GIS) from the office into the field. It comprises the integration of four technologies: GIS, lightweight hardware, the global positioning system (GPS), and wireless communication. The use of Mobile GIS from within the GIS Studio is focused on the first three technologies with which we use the GPS extension on ArcGIS 10 software for database access, mapping, GIS, and GPS integration on a mobile device – the Trimble Yuma2 Rugged Tablet PC (hereafter called Yuma2) – which combines a GPS receiver with a field computer that is running the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system (see fig). The GIS Studio has 8 Yuma2 devices that can be borrowed.



2: Drone DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

The GIS Studio owns one DJI Phantom 3 Advanced quadcopter, also called Drone, or UAV. You can use it as a flying tripod that enables you to put our camera anywhere.


3: dGPS

The GIS Studio owns a dGPS that can be borrowed only by staff members of IBED.

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a constellation of 24 satellites which circumnavigate our planet. GPS consist of a space segment (satellite), a control segment (ground station) and the user segment GPS receivers. Special GPS facilities and hand-held data acquisition units are available for use by IBED staff members and students during their field-based research. A Differential GPS (DGPS) station enhances the signal provided by the GPS space segment and allows positioning with centimetre accuracy which can be used to produce high-resolution elevations models of a field work site or the very precise location of e.g. sample point. We operate the Topcon HiPer+ system which has a dual-constellation (GPS + GLONASS) capability and an excellent under-canopy performance for use in e.g. densely forested areas.

Downloads: Click here to open the Topcon HiperPro Factsheet (English) Click here to open the Veldhandleiding Topcon HiperPro (Dutch). Click here to open the Topcon FC 2500 Hand Held Controler \ Fieldbook Operator's Manual (English). Click here to open the Handleiding Veldboek Topcon HiperPro (Dutch). Click here to open the Sheet that explains all the connectivity and lamps of the Topcon HiperPro (English).

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