gis-studio ArcGIS Student trial software license and installation

Dear UvA student or UvA staff member,

Before you install Erdas Imagine 1-year Student license, first ask permission for using this license, by sending an e-mail to: Thijs de Boer, e-mail address: w dot m dot deboer at uva dot nl. If he agrees, you will become a reply with a License Authentication Code (LAC) that begins with SW. This SW-license number is to be used in the following procedure. It is critical that the LAC is entered exactly as provided with no preceding spaces.

there are two parts in installing your free UvA-copy of Erdas Imagine on your tablet, laptop or home computer:

Part 1: Downloading and installing ERDAS IMAGINE

1.            Go to
2.            Under ‘Product Family’, select ‘ERDAS IMAGINE’
3.            A list of related products appears under ‘Results’. Download ERDAS Foundation 2015 and ERDAS IMAGINE 2015. You may need to enter personal information in the following download window.
                Note: If you run a 64-bit Operating System, choose the 64-bit version. If your OS is 32-bit or if you are unsure choose the 32-bit version. You can find your OS-type by right-clicking ‘my computer’ and choosing ‘properties’:


4.            Note: ERDAS IMAGINE may cause a false positive with some virus scanners. This is a known issue with Hexagon software that hasn’t been resolved yet.

4.            Save the compressed files to a folder on your hard disk and extract them.
5.            In order to install ERDAS IMAGINE, Foundation must be installed first. Click in the Foundation folder on setup and follow the installation procedures. Setup will prompt you to install ‘Intergraph licensing’. Accept and continue.
6.            When the installation of Foundation has finished, continue by installing ERDAS IMAGINE.


Part 2: Generating a student license

1. Run the Intergraph License Host ID (Start > All Programs > Intergraph Licensing > Intergraph License Host ID) and copy the Composite ID.

2.            Locate your License Authentication Code (LAC). This was provided to you by your professor or university and begins with SW. It is critical that the LAC is entered exactly as provided with no preceding spaces.

3.            Go to:  and login using your LAC

4.            On the following page, click ‘Generate Licenses’

5.            A page with your license will appear. Select the box next to your license and click ‘Generate’

6.            If you are using the software on the machine you are currently working on, do not enter any value in the ‘Ship to Email’ field. Click next.

7.            Select Add New Host and select the appropriate Host ID type. Most, if not all, of the student licenses will be issued against the COMPOSITE ID obtained in the first step

8.            Check the box next to the license host you just created and click ‘Generate’.

9.            Check the box next to your license and click ‘Save to File’

10.          Save the license file in C:\users\Public\Intergraph\Licenses. The default extension is .lic and it must remain .lic. ERDAS IMAGINE should now work properly.


Optional part 3: Configuring the License Administrator

Should ERDAS IMAGINE still have licensing issues despite following the previous workflow, continue with these steps:

1.         Start the Intergraph Administrator program and click Client, then select ‘Add     Nodelocked License Source’.

2.         Browse to the folder containing your license file an click ‘add’

Good luck ! Thijs de Boer

Dr. W.M. de Boer
Manager GIS-studio
Institute for Biodiversity and Ecosystem Dynamics (IBED)
Faculty of Science (FNWI)
University of Amsterdam
P.O. Box 94248 | 1090 GE Amsterdam
Science Park 904 | Room C4.204 | 1098 XH Amsterdam
T +31 20 525 7665 | F +31 20 525 7832


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