The GIS-studio offers courses for Bachelor and Master students. This website provides the necessary information about the courses.

Bachelor courses
The Bachelor courses are available to Earth Sciences, Future Planet Studies, Beta-gamma, and Amsterdam University College students. The courses consist of a combination of collective classes, lectures and self-tuition modules. Students learn basic concepts of GIS and remote sensing, and their application to Biology and Earth sciences. Examples of topics are:

  • Spatial data preparation
    (incl. georeferencing, digitizing and mosaicking)
  • Geodatabase management
  • Mobile GIS
  • Introduction to spatial data analysis
    (incl. (un)supervised classification, ArcGIS Spatial Analyst)

Master courses
The GIS-studio offers Master courses to Biology, Earth Sciences and Forensic Sciences students. The Master courses only consist of self-tuition modules and optionally a mini-project. Students can therefore successfully finish the courses with limited guidance. The courses can be composed with several modules based on the student's own interests. The courses are divided into two diffculty levels:

  • Introductory level, where basic GIS techniques and applications are discussed (similar to the Bachelor courses).
  • Advanced level, where more advanced applications of GIS and remote sensing techniques are discussed.

Examples of module topics are:

  • Change detection
  • Erosion modelling
  • Hyperspectral image interpretation
  • Object-based image analysis and classification
  • High-res LiDAR data analysis
  • 3D-airphoto interpretation
  • etc.

In addition, the GIS-studio assists students or researches with individual (research) projects, such as B.Sc. or M.Sc. thesis research, internships, etc.

Also students that are not related to Biology, Earth Sciences, Forensic Sciences or even the University of Amsterdam are welcome to enroll in our Master courses. How to enroll, please read the section below. UvA students can contact the GIS-studio for enrollment. The procedure for enrollment for other students is listed here.

The table below contains links to course discriptions as noted in the UvA Course Catalogue.

Amsterdam University College Introduction to GIS1 n.a.
Beta-gamma Digital Earth 11 and Digital Earth 22 n.a.
Biology Biodiversity and Global Change1 Applications in GIS and Remote Sensing1
Earth Sciences Digital Earth 11 and Digital Earth 22 GIS/RS Science in Ecosystem Dynamics2
Future Planet Studies Digital Earth 11 and Digital Earth 22 n.a.
Other programs n.a. Contact the GIS-studio

1Introductory course
2Advanced course

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